How to get Raccoon out of your attic or college dorm/building?


Oftentimes, people discover an animal, particularly raccoon in their attic or college dorm as soon as they start scampering, noises and scratching on the ceiling or in the building. There are a wide variety of animals that live in the attic, home, or college building like raccoons, squirrels, bats, pigeons and rats. However, there is nothing to worry about, because you can get raccoons out of the attic, home, or building you live in.


1.       Check the house to discover if there is an opening the animals are suing to go in and out of the house, attic, or building through the trees and/or roof. Check to see what Raccoon poop looks like if there is any in the attic or crawl spaces.


2.       Check the attic and discover if there are baby raccoons there. There is also a 90% probability of these beings having babies. You may also find them. If you cannot find them, you can stay there for around 15-30 minutes and wait for a sound. Remove the babies through your hands, but wear gloves and pillowcase to carry them.


3.       You can use the baby raccoons as live bait; they can be placed at the back of the big cage traps, using a trap divider.  It might be hard to prepare, but you have to be sure that all of the sides of the trap are blocked to prevent them from reaching in.


4.       As soon as the mother is trapped, drive them to a faraway place at least 5-10 miles from your home. This is much better than killing them.


5.       Check the entry holes and clean them. Make sure you disinfect the entire place and decontaminate the feces from the attic.


Removing raccoons from the attic is not a simple task. They are mostly female with the litter of the baby raccoon; they are in the attic to find a place for the babies and to get food. This is the primary reason why these foes are breaking into your homes. You must remove the baby raccoons to be able to remove the adult female. This is hard and it takes the presence of mind to do this. If you will remove the babies, use them as a bait for the mother. If you will leave the mother free, she will break in again and if you will not remove the babies, they will die of hunger and they will rot in your attic. Raccoons are among the most destructive creatures in North America, these are mammals who once lived in the meadows, wooded areas and nearby the streams until they discovered that they could also live in the city with humans who have more food available to survive.